About us

What we do

Our mission is to provide print media solutions, at a fair price and with absolute social, environmental and ethical responsibility.

What we look for

Our vision marks our commitment to the future: to be the best print media company in the eyes of customers, employees, suppliers and investors.

What we believe in

Our signature “Sustainable printing” is both a belief and a manifestation of will. A belief, because we trust that the success of an organisation can only be achieved through a balanced and sustainable management. A manifestation of will, because we want our action to be an effective commitment to the future and, simultaneously, a genuine contribution to the development of the economic, social and environmental context to which we belong.

Where we came from

Lidergraf was founded in 1994 as a small printshop in the north of Portugal. Early years were of accelerated growth. In 1997 we installed the first wide-format sheetfed press; in 2001 we moved from the original facilities to a new production site where our first web press was installed; in 2007 a second plant was set in place to accommodate a capacity expansion in web printing, saddle stitching and perfect binding. In 2013 we revamped our commercial approach and opened the Lisbon office. At present day, Lidergraf is a well known brand in Portugal, and taking its first steps in the European market.

Where we stand now

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